Breasts are considered as a Sign of Womanhood and an “Aesthetic Appendage”. In today’s looks oriented society, well-formed and symmetrical breasts, proportionate to other body features, have bolstered confidence. Certain women feel such a deep, personal need for Breast Enhancement with a positive impact on their self-esteem. Now, women can acquire the desired size and the shape of their breasts they have secretly yearned for. Advances in surgical techniques, increase in breast size (Augmentation) has been perfected and a soft, symmetrical and proportionate breast can be achieved without any visible scar. Sagging breasts can be elevated (Mastopexy) with necessary tightening of the skin to provide a firm, projecting and well-contoured breast. Larger breasts can be reduced in size (Reduction) and shaped to match to the rest of the body proportions.


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