MICROSURGERY has proved a “Panacea” for a large number of problems for which there were no surgical alternatives earlier. It has become possible to transfer or reconstruct a large body defect using similar tissues from one part of the body to another part, which has altered the outcome in Cancer Surgery and Major Life Threatening Accidents. Relatively inaccessible tissues have been made Surgically accessible. Advances and revolutions brought about by Microsurgical Techniques are innumerable and un-parallel in the field of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Replantation of an Amputated Part has become a standard procedure and a large number of parts like Scalp, Ear, Nose, Fingers, Thumb, Limbs, Extremities, Phallus etc. have been replanted back to the body. Reanimation of Muscles in cases of Brachial Plexus Injuries, Facial Paralysis, Traumatic Loss or following Volkmann’s Ischaemic Contracture are a few of most significant contributions. Since late 70’s, microsurgical techniques have its utilization in almost all Surgical Specialties, benefiting millions of Patients and Medical Practitioners. Soon we may be able to do Composite Organ Transplant like Head, Hand or Leg using Cadaveric Spares.


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