Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Laser is to Light, what Music is to Sound. Visible light is only one small portion of the Electro-magnetic spectrum of the Light. Laser light is COLLIMATED, MONOCHROMATIC COHERENT AND INTENSE. Laser surgery is an ever expanding discipline in surgery, which has contributed to a rapid growth in therapeutic applications of Laser in all specialties of Surgery. The original Laser developed in 1960 was a RUBY Laser and was extensively used for various pigmented lesions and vascular malformations of the skin. A new generation of Laser has a plethora of options and clinical indications to be used as Surgical tool. Recently, use of CO2 Laser for Skin Resurfacing, Blepheroplasty, Face Lift and Body Sculpturing has revolutionized the specialty of Aesthetic Surgery world wide. Laser Facial Resurfacing has been termed as the Single, Most Important Development of the Decade in the field of Aesthetic Surgery.


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